Understanding the Definition of Contractors

The contractor is an individual or a company in offering services in a contract in which the value and the contractual completion timeline are agreed by both parties, in this case, the contractor and the employer or owner of the building which is going to be constructed. the duties and responsibilities of contractors or builders Sydney also can be divided when it comes to their works. The duties and responsibilities of contractors are as follows:

– Implement the construction project in accordance with regulations and specifications that have been planned.
– In order to facilitate the activities in the project, the contractor must prepare personnel who will be assigned in the field. In addition to manpower, equipment, materials or material and also be prepared.
– During the construction project progresses, the contractor shall make a report, be it daily, weekly, monthly or according to the agreement. Of this report will be seen whether the project is going according to the time schedule there. Whether the project is progressing or otherwise not in accordance with the time schedule and thus can take steps to fix it.
– Keep the project under control with regard S3 which are Standard, Safety and Secure.