Sizes and types of murphy beds

If you think about saving extra space when buying a new furniture, why not consider Pomona murphy beds? Many of people in these days like to use murphy bed and save space. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough room in your home to install a second bed. When you have no second bed, your guests are left sleeping on the couch or the floor. To give them the different option, we suggest you make a murphy bed with your own design or style. In simple words, murphy beds are beds that fold right into the wall.


Just like buying another furniture, when you shopping around for the best wall bad, size is one of the crucial matters. Does murphy bed come in the different sizes? Simply talk, these beds come in several different sizes, where you can find a bed ranging anywhere from a twin size all the way up to the king. The size option can vary depending on the size of your room or available space. On the other hand, it can also depend on the desired size. Generally, wall beds are closer to the twin or full sized beds because there is not as much support under the mattress. However, you still have the chance to get the customized one with the best size, so you can install the bed at your room. Of course, it is important to select the bed size you best want for the room.


In general, wall beds can fold into just about anything start from traditional beds that fold into the wall to new beds that fold into an entertainment center. You can also choose the bed that folds into a bookshelf. Your guests will never know if you actually have a bad in place.

What else do you want to put on your consideration list when selecting wall bed available in the market?